9 May 2024Wedding

Organizing a wedding is always very challenging: respect traditions or rely on your creativity and sensitivity? This is the question that future spouses always ask themselves.

We asked our expert Wedding Planners to give some advice on wedding trends for 2024.
More and more stylists confirm that this is the year of the shorter wedding dress, just above the ankle or even just above the knee. without sacrificing elegance. So, future brides, also have fun when choosing shoes which become a very, very important accessory to complete your look for the wedding ceremony.

Also pay attention to the stockings, no longer hidden under the long dress, but finally in plain sight. Choose them carefully, always paying attention to good taste and elegance.
Even the bouquet has become more minimal and the trend is to increasingly choose unconventional flowers or in any case not necessarily traditionally linked to the wedding.
More and more couples are also trying to reduce the environmental impact of their weddings, opting for eco-friendly products and services and reducing waste. They are also very careful when choosing food and drinks. They offer their guests vegan or vegetarian options and non-alcoholic drinks to please everyone.

The use of technology in weddings is becoming increasingly popular, with live streaming, online registries and wedding apps making planning easier and keeping guests engaged.
But one of the most popular trends is undoubtedly that of organizing weddings that last several days, offering guests a complete experience and allowing them to spend more time together in a more relaxed environment.

This obviously affects the budget and also the choice of wardrobe to use in the days following the ceremony. In short, for many, but not for all!
Those who cannot afford a long wedding can opt for an original after party by choosing a location other than the banquet, but which reflects the theme chosen for the wedding.
What can I say, so for this 2024 the watchword is informality! An eye on tradition, yes, but also on the freedom to focus on the experience and connection with guests rather than etiquette.

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