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The time has come to start preparing for your wedding, but you still don’t know which style to choose to characterize your most beautiful day.
There are many wedding styles, each with unique characteristics that may best reflect your personality and tastes.
Here are some of the trendiest ones.

1. Boho-Chic
The Boho-Chic wedding is one of the most popular and appreciated trends for its relaxed, natural and romantic style. The atmosphere is informal and welcoming, with a strong connection with nature. The goal is to create an environment that feels spontaneous and not too structured.
Favorite locations include beaches, forests, gardens, meadows, and rustic farms. Outdoor weddings in pristine and picturesque locations are also very common.
For the abundant and wild floral decorations, wildflowers, pampas grass and foliage are preferred, while for the furnishings we opt for vintage elements such as wooden furniture, colored carpets, curtains, cushions and lanterns.
The wedding dress is light and flowing, often with lace details, bell sleeves and bohemian cuts. Brides often opt for flower crowns, soft, natural hairstyles, and sandals or bare feet. For the groom the look is casual and elegant: light linen suits, shirts without ties, suspenders and natural leather shoes.
Often the ceremony takes place under an arch decorated with flowers and light fabrics and for the reception long wooden tables with runners in natural fabrics and wild flowers are preferred.

2. Classic
A classic style wedding is characterized by elegance, refinement and a strong connection with traditions.
The atmosphere is formal, refined and luxurious, with particular attention to detail and the quality of the decorative elements. Favorite locations include historic villas, churches, cathedrals, luxury hotels and ballrooms. These places offer a majestic setting and timeless decorations. The wedding dresses are princely with full skirts, fine fabrics such as silk and tulle, lace and rhinestone details, and long veils. Hairstyles are often pinned up and adorned with jewels. The groom, on the other hand, dresses in a tuxedo or morning coat in classic colors such as black, dark blue or grey.
The outdoor ceremony takes place under an arch decorated with white flowers and elegant fabrics. Round or imperial tables with silk tablecloths, floral centrepieces, porcelain plates and silver cutlery characterize the reception.

3. Vintage
In a vintage style wedding the atmosphere is romantic, delicate and full of retro details. Soft, pastel shades are usually used for decoration, with touches of lace and lace.
The clothes of the bride and groom and the guests reflect the style of past years, with dresses with classic and refined cuts, suitable for the chosen era such as the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s or ’50s. Even the accessories and hairstyles follow the same style.
The wedding location can be an old farmhouse, a historic villa, a romantic garden or a ballroom with old-world charm. For the reception, we opt for tables with lace tablecloths, candles in glass jars, old suitcases as place cards and centerpieces with wild flowers.

4. Eco-Friendly
An eco friendly wedding is characterized by the choice of sustainable practices, which reduce the environmental impact of the event. These practices may include using recycled or biodegradable materials for decorations and invitations, choosing to cater with local and seasonal ingredients, arranging sustainable transportation for guests, such as bicycles or public transportation, and favoring outdoor location or with eco friendly certification.
Furthermore, an eco-friendly wedding can include the donation of flowers and excess food to charities and the choice of gifts for the spouses that are ethical and sustainable.

5. Theme
A themed wedding is an event in which the spouses choose a specific topic as a common thread for the entire day which can be based on personal interests, a shared passion, a historical era, a film, a color, a season, a geographical location or any other topic that has special meaning for them.
All decorations, from flowers to tablecloths and furnishings, reflect the chosen theme. For example, a sea-themed wedding might have seashells, fishing nets, and blue and sand colors. The bride and groom, the wedding party, and sometimes even the guests, may wear clothing that fits the theme. For example, in a vintage themed wedding, the dresses might be inspired by the 1920s or 1950s.
The choice of location is often influenced by the theme. A rustic themed wedding might take place in a barn or farmhouse, while a glamorous themed wedding might be hosted in a luxury hotel.

The ceremony itself can also be adapted to the theme. This may include choosing the readings, vows, and traditions incorporated into the ceremony.

What do you think, have we given you some good ideas? So, come on, choose your style and your wedding will be unforgettable!

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