The Trend of Elopement and Destination wedding

3 Jul 2024Trend, Destination & Venue, Wedding, Wedding Planner, Wedding Style

In recent years, couples are increasingly opting for elopement and destination weddings, two options that offer a more intimate and often more personalized alternative to traditional weddings.


Elopement is a romantic getaway, where the couple decides to get married in an intimate manner, often without prior notice, far from home and family. This type of wedding has several characteristics:

  • It is typically reserved only for the two spouses, without guests or with a very small circle of people.
  • The couple can choose to get married in a location that holds special meaning, such as an exotic beach, a mountain, or another romantic destination.
  • Generally, elopements are less expensive than traditional weddings because they do not require large ceremonies or receptions.
  • The spouses can create a tailor-made ceremony, including only the elements they desire.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding celebrated in a location far from the couple’s and guests’ hometown. Popular destinations include Caribbean beaches, villas in Tuscany, castles in Scotland, or tropical islands.

  • Often, a destination wedding spans several days, offering a series of pre- and post-wedding events and activities, turning into a sort of vacation for the guests. This type of wedding allows for a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and the guests.
  • It requires careful planning and often the help of specialized wedding planners to manage logistics and bookings.

Why Choose an Elopement or a Destination Wedding?

These types of weddings reduce the stress and complexities associated with organizing a large ceremony and offer the opportunity to celebrate in extraordinary locations and create unforgettable memories.

  • They emphasize the relationship between the spouses rather than the logistical and social aspects of the wedding, and they can be more economical or allow the budget to be allocated to more important elements for the couple, such as the honeymoon.
  • Both elopement and destination weddings represent charming options for modern couples seeking a more intimate, personalized, and memorable wedding.

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